Olympic Torch

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Anticipation and excitement were well and truly fuelled in the run up to the Olympic Games when Bridport’s fencing coach Csaba Hajdu brought along an Olympic torch to show his club.

All the juniors jumped at the chance to hold the torch and tried to count the 8,000 holes, denoting each runner carrying the flame.

Csaba explained the reason for the 3 sided shape (this is how many times the Olympics have been held in the UK) and how this particular torch had been carried through his own home town of Wellington.

He wanted the children to see and hold the torch for themselves, to try and capture the thrill of the Olympic hopes and spur them on to train harder for the next Olympic games!

All the club have the inspirational Shirley Parker to aspire too, who herself participated in the Olympic Games. Also pictured is another former Olympian Bill Hoskins (back row, third from left).