2011 Championships

Big Night for Fencing Club

West Dorset Fencing Club held their third annual Club Championships last Thursday at The Sir John Colfox Scool, and the progression from last year’s competition was very noticeable.

The Juniors fenced first, with twelve boys and girls under 13 battling it out with huge enthusiasm.  After thirty fights had been completed the winner was Aldo d’Arrigo, 12, who showed tremendous determination and boundless energy throughout.  Second place went to 11 yr. old Sam Norton and third to Ellie Baldwin, who did extremely well to come in the first three after fencing for less than a year.  There was a prize for the best stylist, which was won by Caitlin Oldham, (11) another fencer of less than a year’s experience.  She was a delight to watch.

The adult men had a similar number of fights to complete, and the final was an extremely exciting one, with Corrado d’Arrigo, eventually emerging the winner after a very close fight-off (barrage) for first place with Damon Allen.  The barrage was a memorable fight in which the fencers were level, before Corrado made the final hit and was applauded by all spectators.  Damon showed a very competitive spirit, and fought extremely well, conceding the last hit with a good natured handshake.

The results meant that the club’s Junior and Senior champions were father and son, who are frequently to be seen practicing together in the Sports Hall at Colfox School.  They seldom miss a session, and it paid off with a family ‘double.’  Our picture shows them with their trophies after the prize giving at the end of the evening.

In spite of being rather out of practice, Isaak (Izzy) Goodwin (18) fenced well to take third place.  Two fencers who had only just become seniors, aged 13, were Josh Norton and Sam Hoskyns, who deserve recognition as extremely promising.  In a field of twelve senior fencers the two boys tied for fourth place.   Club founder and Coach, Shirley Parker, said “This was an excellent result all round and I am very proud of the progress our fencers have made.”

The senior ladies always have a smaller final pool, but although there were less bouts to be fought, the result was exciting, with Phillippa Gatehouse retaining the title she won last year.  Isobel Kiltie fenced with style and determination to take second place with Val Ghose third.  Isobel has only recently joined the club, having come from the school classes at Colfox School, and her second place was well deserved.

All the competitions were run with the electric scoring apparatus, which was a huge improvement on previous years.  The equipment is expensive, and the club has been fortunate, (and very grateful,) over the past year to receive grants from Bridport Community Fund and Bridport Round Table, enabling them to purchase all the necessary kit.

The club is now closed for the Christmas holiday, but will reopen at the Sir John Colfox School next January 12th at 6pm., when all members, old and new, will be welcome.